10 Signs Your Job Is Making You Sick

November 15, 2021

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Reach out to a friend or family member about how you’re feeling and why you’re struggling. If you don’t get that dream job you applied for, have a plan ready to pick yourself up. Focus on what you can learn from the experience rather than feeling rejected. The job market is always competitive, but the global coronavirus pandemic has made finding jobs even more difficult for some people.

Consider this just a brief “pause” from your search, and truly take advantage of the break by forcing yourself to stop any and all job search-related activities during that time. If you don’t already have a professional mentor, now is the time to start looking for one and cultivating this important professional relationship. There’s https://remotemode.net/blog/job-search-depression-exists-and-it-has-to-be-addressed/ no better way to get re-energized about your field or your industry than attending a professional event, learning what’s new, and networking with like-minded colleagues. For example, if you’re searching for a position in nonprofit arts administration, landing that specific roles can feel like a broad and overwhelming goal.

CareerCast Niche Job Networks

Ideally, you’ll nip job search depression in the bud before it becomes a problem. However, it can be difficult not to let the seemingly endless cycle get to you. Try these steps when you’re just getting your feet wet — or when you’re knee-deep. Even tasks that aren’t related to the job search, like straightening up your room or making phone calls about health insurance coverage, can earn a place on your goal list. The idea is to feel good about what you’ve achieved and feel like you’re moving forward. There are reasons why the job search takes a psychological toll.

When this starts happening, recall all of your past accomplishments—big or small. Stop ruminating and recite all of the reasons why you’re special. List the exceptional skills and wonderful experiences that you have to offer to prospective employers. You can’t—and shouldn’t—benchmark yourself against what you’ve done pre-Covid-19. To stay sane, you should readjust your expectations and change the way you look at things.

Socialize and connect

Of course, few jobs are this simple, and your job-search-as-job is no exception. That’s why Resume.io has created our guide to identifying and defeating job search fatigue. Here’s how to manage your job search project without it running rings around you.

job search depression fatigue

If there’s any time of year when job-search fatigue swoops in and threatens to stop you cold in your cover-letter writing, resume-tailoring, application-sending game, this may be it. The holidays are a thing of the past, the temperature’s dropping, and the reality of the situation is pretty much in your face. If you’re feeling fatigued from an extended job search, you might consider… The real kick in the nards is that those roles where I get super close? Those recruiters request a call/meeting with me and we chat for upwards of an hour about how impressed with me they are, can we stay in contact and connect via LinkedIn (they initiate). So I am certain my negativity is self contained…for now.

How to Job Hunt (When You’re Already Exhausted)

With much of daily life now relegated to online activity, Li says it’s crucial to break up the monotony mentally as well as physically. Use the downtime to get extra experience, build resume-boosting skills, or just to support yourself — so you don’t experience financial anxiety on top of everything else. While not all jobs require one, it’s always good to have a basic cover letter template on hand that you can adjust for every job you apply for. Both documents provide a brief snapshot of your skill-set, as well as of how you present yourself, so it’s important to continually refine them as you try to find a job. In this article, we’ll break down steps you can take to find a job–from getting into the right routine, to interview prep, to continuing in the face of rejection.

This will not only give you a break but will add additional transferable skills and experience to your resume. It allows you to expand your professional network and https://remotemode.net/become-a-python-developer/flask-framework-for-python-developers/ may lead to connections with potential employers. Based on a LinkedIn survey, one in five employers have hired a candidate because of their volunteer experience.

Coping with job loss

Then, you can expand the number and intensity of things you focus on. And now, in a COVID-ravaged world, you may be depressed, anxious, coping with unprecedented uncertainty, and recently unemployed with no idea how to support yourself. Try not to let a demanding or unrewarding job undermine your health. It helps to stay motivated when you have a larger purpose guiding you. Think of all of the reasons why you want to find a job that is larger than the job itself. People are often hesitant to share their job search-related anxieties for fear of seeming unconfident.

job search depression fatigue

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